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Hello. My name is Kendall. I love Alvin and the Chipmunks; my favorite chipmunk is Alvin and my favorite couple is Alvin/Brittany. I don't really post art on here, but I love to write fan fiction. If there's anything you want to know about me, just ask. I like meeting new people. :)

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So lately I've had people (mostly on asking me where I've been, why I haven't been writing stories, etc. It's not like I've been totally offline, but since I've been pretty inactive on dA and, a lot of people probably don't know what I've been up to. And if you don't really care what I've been up to, that's fine, you don't have to read this! But I realized that even those who know about my new job (which are mostly people on the Chipmunks forum) don't really know the specifics of what I'm up to, so this is for everyone.

And like I said, maybe not as many people care as I think, but since people have been askin', I'm tellin'. So enjoy this long-ass journal about my life.

Sooo a lot of you know that I've been going to college for elementary education. I graduated in May, and after months of applying to a bunch of elementary schools, I was unable to get any interviews (and my college was NO help whatsoever, but that's a different story for a different day). Then, 3 weeks ago, I get this message on Facebook from a women whose kids go to the daycare I worked at during this time. I'm really close to her 3 kids (twin boys and they have a little brother), and I've known them all 5 years I've worked there. She messaged me saying that her cousin is the special education director at Lakeland schools, and they needed a new special education teacher. She knew I had just graduated school and was looking for a job, so she recommended me to her cousin.

So I got this woman's number and scheduled an interview. I was a bit iffy at first, mostly because this was for a middle school position (8th grade), and I have an elementary education license... I have very little experience with older kids. Also, it's special education, and I have NO background in special ed. But the special ed director seemed so nice and friendly, I just had to give it a shot. And... you know in cartoons, when a character hears about a large sum of money and their eyes turn into dollar signs? That's what I did when I heard about the starting salary at this school. Let's just say it's well above the average starting teaching salary in my state. I know it isn't all about the money, but I'm only human, lol. So we scheduled an interview, and a few hours later I get a call telling me I got the job!

I had actually just finished interviewing for a preschool position the day before, and was offered that job as well, but I chose the middle school position. Despite being further away, the Lakeland job just seemed like a better fit for me. So... yeah, I accepted it! I was hired exactly one week before school started, so I had to quit my job pretty much right away. It was really hard to leave the daycare; I've known a lot of those kids since they were babies, and I've gotten to know the families really well. But I had to move on and do something my degree was good for. Not that working at the daycare wasn't related to my education degree, but I was ready to do something different (and thanks to my insane student loans, I need the money as well).

I loved this school right away. I didn't know a lot about it, aside from the fact that we played them in sports. It takes between 40-50 minutes for me to get there, so the drive kind of sucks, but I'm also kind of glad that I'm not working in my hometown because I feel like everyone knows me there. Although two of my former P.E. teachers are now my co-workers, which is pretty weird! And a girl I went to school with since elementary school is the language arts teacher. Her room is right down the hall from mine! We were never super close friends, but we always got along really well and had a lot of mutual friends. We officially became "New Teacher BFF's" this week and we've got all these fun things planned. It'll be nice to have someone to go to athletic events and stuff with, and to go to bars after school (because Lord knows we'll have days we need to drink).

As far as my students go, they've been pretty good so far. 8th graders are waaaay different from the 4-year-olds I was working with a few weeks ago, but they're fun. I work with the kids who are in special ed, so they need some extra help with some stuff, but they're not mentally handicapped or cognitively impaired or anything. They're totally normal kids; some of them actually play football and keep asking me to come to their games, lol. But yeah, they've been nice, and since I'm so fucking immature, I actually relate to them pretty well. Although I'm still getting used to the idea that I'm in charge, because they're ALL TALLER THAN ME! It's so weird! I feel so small walking in the hallways. XD

That's where I am now... working with 8th graders. I wake up at 5 A.M. and I get home around 6 P.M.. Needless to say, it's a long day. I'm not really in the mood to write anything, look for art, or make a new signature. I just don't have the time or energy for it. While I love Chipmunks and other fandoms, I just don't really think about them much anymore. I don't want to say I'm leaving any fandoms, but this explains my inactivity. I've just moved on to other things. I realize that a lot of people are able to write fanfiction and stuff when they work, but I personally don't want to right now. I just want to focus on teaching for the time being, and I'm not motivated enough to want to write at the moment. Hopefully you can all understand. 

So... yeah. I'm officially a full-time teacher! Yay! 

I'm still going to be checking the forum, dA, and other sites, I just won't be that active. Which really hasn't really changed that much. I guess I just wanted to explain WHY I've been quiet (even though most people probably had a pretty good idea of what's been going on). So if I don't comment on something for a few days, or my story doesn't get updated for a few more months (or ever), this is why.

But if you ever want to talk, write me a note, send me a PM, whatever. I have Skype, but I only log on during the weekends (and even that's pretty rare). But I'm always willing to chat. :)

Sorry if there are any grammar and/or spelling errors. I'm too lazy to proof-read this. :dunce: 

But I wish everyone well, and I'll still be around (kinda)! I'm just busy. Busy, but happy! And I'm hoping it stays that way for a while. Swingin' On a Star _revamp_ 
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